TWOZEROFOUR….hell-bent on perfection

TWOZEROFOUR is a marine and powersport repair company that strives to give our customers the honest, fair, and high quality service they expect. We believe that not only the quality of our service, but our respect for our customers speaks volumes about who we are and sets us apart from others. We also believe that when you love what you do, you can have a great time doing it, and we love what we do.

In 2006 two extremely handsome gentlemen got together and decided to start a business focused on quality and customer first, everything else will follow.  With a desire not to eat macaroni and cheese and ramen noodle dinners for the rest of our business lives, we quickly set out to mark our ground of being the go to company for top tier repairs and quality service. We started small, very small, one boat at a time, in a tiny garage that barely fit the boats we were working on. Over the years we’ve continued to grow and expand the services we provide to our customers. Our goal, to educate and help customers, not blow smoke up their butts to get them to buy service or product they don’t need, and to have our company be known as the only place you would ever want to go for service.