Additional Services

Our service team is committed to providing top tier service to ensure your boat is ready to hit the water when you are.


Proper off-season service is essential to the overall health of your boat and watercraft. It can help you avoid costly damage associated with our harsh winter climates such as frost damage related to improper winterization procedures. The added benefit to letting TWOZEROFOUR winterize your boat is that our technicians do a thorough systems check on your boat to ensure that there are no small problems that will turn into big ones for the upcoming season.

Shrink Wrap

Did you know an improper shrink wrap can do more harm to your boat than good? Shinkwrap is more that just a way to keep water out of your boats interior, it also servers as a UV protectant for the rest of your boat in the harsh off season. Compare any TWOZEROFOUR shrinwrapped boat to most of our competitors and you will see the difference. Contact us for the list of what sets us apart from our competitors.


Providing top tier service, our technicians will help you with any mechanical problems, answer questions you have and let you know what it will take to get you out on the water again.

accessories sales and installation

Now that you have your boat, it’s time to make it your own and a one of a kind. Wake towers, speakers, LED lighting, graphics, and custom work are just a few of the things we can provide. We take great pride and make sure our installs are crisp, clean, and on point. 

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